We exist to build better

We exist to build better

We exist to build better


Offering professional building and construction to people is our mission

As humans and buildings work together in harmony, we care about the interaction in between them; therefore, we listen to the clients’ expectation and requirements, throughout the planning, design, construction and completion we offer our professional suggestions to jointly achieve the most ideal work with you.



Public Building

It can be a building accessed day to day or a city visited from time to time; piece by piece, these buildings carve out the shape of our city.


Residence and Hotel

We dedicate ourselves to create a comfortable space that is unique for you. It captivates your eyes and mind.


Warehouse, Factory & Industrial Properties

Feng Yu is your VIP, very important partners, during your business expansion. We listen to operational needs and build good buildings that fit the operational purpose.



We insist on providing the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, and the construction-in-progress is the belief that we hold.


Feng Yu Life

“Trust, Transparency, Autonomy”

Trust is the very base in the company. Working in a transparent system, each person can actively provide his/her strength. They can learn through the team in this organization and extract and condensate the knowledge from the experiences that come with execution; and they will quickly disperse and share them, becoming a learning organization that constantly evolves.